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Leading actress: Kassidee Campbell as Sarah

After completing her Applied Degree in Acting from Red Deer College Kassidee made the move to Vancouver to continue her Acting career. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her dog Jack and walking around the city. You can also see her in the upcoming short ‘There Goes April’ as well as the tv series ‘Karma’.

Director Note ” Kassidee has the talent and the ability to make you believe that the character she plays is real”

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Actress: Sarah Hoffart as Diana

Sarah Hoffart is three years old and, in those years, has attended dozens of music, theatre, and dance performances, many of which have featured her mom and siblings on stage.  She loves the swings, nature walks, bike rides, and family movie night.  Sarah is excited to make her performance debut in Amen.

Director Note ” Sarah’s natural talent shocked everyone on set, she reminds me of Dakota Fanning in her younger age, it won’t surprise me when she grows up to become a famous actress.”

Actor: Jason Steele as Adam

Jason Steele is a Red Deer, Alberta, Canada based performer who is comfortable performing improv, stand-up comedy, theatrical and film acting. He has had smaller roles in 3 independent features (LIFT, Exu, and The Icarus Complex), and a few short films. In 2 other indie features (Year After Year & Break On Through) he was extras casting director and associate producer, and for Break on Through was also a 1st assistant director. In 2017 he wrote, produced and directed his first feature-length film “AbiliTeam”(unreleased). Currently, he is playing Sherlock Holmes in a 3 year series of theatrical plays. At a time of writing, he has been cast in 3 short films and is pre-planning his next feature film production to occur within the next year.

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Actress: Tsimirirai Ndoro as Aysha

Played the supporting role of Ayesha. Was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Moved to Canada at the age of 12, currently studying psychology but has a great passion for modeling and has recently decided to venture into the movie industry.

Actor: Jakob Xavier Lawlor as Aly

Jakob Xavier Lawlor was born on April 18th, 2011 to William Bradford Lawlor, a professional musician and Eureka Sophie Simard who worked as an Educational Assistant to children with special needs as well as Settlement Practitioner employed by a branch of Immigration Canada. Jakob has one older brother Dylan(18) and two younger brothers, Noah (2) and Sammie (5).

At a very young age, Jakob exhibited a strong interest in the performing arts and music. With the support of his parents and brothers, Jakob sought out opportunities to grow as an artist of the performing arts landing the role of a heart transplant in the short film “Amen”, directed by Amr Moustafa Alexandrian. Which will be screened at film festivals across the globe. Jakob Xavier Lawlor, or Jakob X, which he likes to be called, will continue to better himself through hard work and determination in the hopes of one day achieving his ultimate goal of a successful career in film and stage.

Director note “when you see the look on Jakob face and the glowing in his eyes when he’s on set, you would know this young man was born to be an artist”